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Nano introduction

Author: YaPeng international Co., Ltd Date: 2013-3-23 Views: 3163 times

Nanometer material is in at least one dimension in the nanometer scale ( 1-100nm ) or by them as a basic element of the material, which is roughly equivalent to 10~100 atoms arranged closely together scale.

From the size, usually produced significant changes in physical and chemical properties of small particles of the size in 0.1 microns (1 meters =100 cm, 1 cm =10000 micron, 1 micron =1000 nm, 1 nm =10 angstrom ), i.e. below 100 nm. Therefore, the particle size is in 1 ~100 nano particles called ultra particle materials, is also a kind of nano material.

Nano metal material is nineteen eighties medium developed later in succession, the nanometer semiconductor films, nanometer ceramics, nano ceramic materials and nano biomedical material.

Nano structure materials referred to as nanometer material ( nanometer material ), refers to the structural unit size between 1 nm and 100 nm range. Because of its size has been close to the coherence length of electron, its properties because of strong coherent brought about by the self-organization makes the properties changed. And, the scale is close to the wavelength of light, and it has large surface of the special effects, so its performance characteristics, such as melting point, magnetic, optical, thermal, electrical properties and so on, are different in the substance in the overall state performance.

Nanoparticles also known as ultrafine particles by materials, nanoparticles ( nano particle ). Nanoparticles also called ultrafine particles, generally refers to the size of the particles in the 1 ~ 100nm, is in the transition region junction of atomic clusters and macroscopic objects, from the usual on the micro and macro point of view, the macroscopic system of micro system this system is atypical or atypical, is a typical mesoscopic system, it having a surface effect, small size effect and macroscopic quantum tunneling effect. When people macro object is subdivided into ultrafine particles ( nanometer ), it will show many unique properties, compared its optical, thermal, electrical, magnetic, mechanical and chemical properties and bulk solids will be significantly different.

Generalized nanotechnology can include nano technology and nano machining technology, nano measurement technology, nano application technology. The nanometer material technology focuses on the nano functional material production ( ultra fine powder, coating, nano modified materials ), performance detection technology ( chemical composition, microstructure, surface morphology, physical, electrical, magnetic, chemical, thermal and optical properties ). Nano machining technology contains precision machining technology ( energy beam processing ) and scanning probe techniques.

Nanometer material has certain unique material, when the small scale to a certain extent, it must use quantum mechanics to replace the traditional mechanical point of view to describe its behavior, when the powder particle size from 10 micron to 10 nm, the diameter is changed 1000 times, but converted into a volume, there will be 10 to the power of 9 times of the giant, so two behavior will have obvious difference.

Different from the bulk of the material were the reason is relative increase in the surface area, is also the surface of ultrafine particles with ladder structure, this structure represents the high surface energy of unstable atoms. This kind of atom easily and exotic atom bonding, at the same time, because of particle size reduction and provides atomic high surface activity.

On the melting point, nanometer powder because each particle constituent atoms, atoms in unstable state, so that the surface of the lattice vibration amplitude is large, the surface energy so high, resulting in thermal properties of ultrafine particles, which is caused by the melting point decreased, while nanometer powder than traditional powder easily in a low temperature sintering, and become a good sintering promoting material.

Magnetic materials are generally more common magnetic area aggregate, when the particle size is as small as not distinguish the magnetic area, that the formation of magnetic material single magnetic region. It is made of magnetic material into ultrafine particles or film, will become the magnetic material with excellent.

Particle size ( 10 nm to 100 nm ) is less than the wave length of light, so the incident light and have complicated interactions. The metal in the evaporation appropriate deposition conditions, can be easily absorbed light black metal ultrafine particles, called black metallic and metal forming, the high reflectivity contrast gloss surface in vacuum coating. Nano materials because of their light absorption rate high characteristic, can be applied to the infrared sensor material.

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