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Author: YaPeng international Co., Ltd Date: 2013-3-27 Views: 3023 times

In 2013 March, President Xi Jinping and Mrs. Peng Liyuan's visit to russia. Peng Liyuan out of the room, carrying a briefcase, slim coat dress, be called by the netizen "Liyuan-style". A clothing brand "the purse and coat are from Guangzhou local exception". "The brand influence, Liyuan-style " in Wuhan counters attracted many admiring customers, leather and apparel sales also rose.
March 22, 2013 to 30, President Xi Jinping was invited to Russia, Tanzania, South Africa and the Republic of Congo for a state visit. As Xi Jinping's wife, was in the spotlight of the Peng Liyuan will follow Xi Jinping in the international arena "China first lady" charm offensive.
In 2013 March, President Xi Jinping and Mrs. Peng Liyuan's visit to russia. Peng Liyuan out of the room, carrying a briefcase, slim coat dress, be called by the netizen "Liyuan -style".
Peng Liyuan the appearance generous, gentle and beautiful, represents the features of Chinese women, she is a concentrated expression of Chinese women's characteristics, is Peng Liyuan in the body we can see all the advantages of Chinese women, wisdom, beauty, love and respect life, all of which are focused on Peng Liyuan's show, so Peng Liyuan appeared, very stylish, very let a person feel -- you said shocked or surprised, or is it. However, when Peng Liyuan stood in the center of the international stage, she actually is also the representative of China women with a new image to the world stage center, this is very important, we look at the picture is just a surface, what is the meaning depends on her.

The first set of
Peng Liyuan the deep blue double-breasted coat with a scarf to do an ornament, simple and elegant. China's "first lady" Peng Liyuan's first trip to receive intense attention from all walks of life, the dark looks simple atmospheric, in fact from the pearl earrings, light the other scarves, belts, coat and skirt length of proportion, shoe height details do not neglect from the exquisite details to show unique to China with the elegant atmosphere.
Second sets of
Second sets of Peng Liyuan accompanied President Xi Jinping Russia dress exposure, long legs and double-breasted coat with the color of the coat is replaced with the afternoon, ankle boots into the patent high heels, with mustard yellow scarf on other, put down the black leather handbag for more portable black red long hand bag.
Third sets of
Peng Liyuan's visit to Russia third sets of other exposure, after two sets of low-key black look, she hid the blue embroidered waist coat changed, with knee-length black skirt. Possession of the blue coat has a rich ethnic customs from color to the pattern, but no matter how the shape change is still very elegant and atmosphere, the national element will be just perfect.
Fourth sets of
Peng Liyuan fourth sets of look exposure, a navy blue long coat with blue scarf, with different color hue contrast in visual. The other with several look difference.
Fifth sets of
Peng Liyuan fifth sets of look exposure, camel knee-length skirt suits and before a few look compared to let a person shine at the moment. Double-breasted suits both shape or color is very elegant, waist and expanded detail is very popular elements in 2013; a national printing Chinese stand-collar coat, perfect national and modern style together.

The expert evaluation
Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology Department of art and design clothing director Xie Ping said, the first lady's clothing with Western classical military element in the design, the overall feel is revealing a valiant and heroic in bearing temperament steady implicit in.
"Collar, neck head turn......" Xie Ping said, the windbreaker modeling based on modern fashion the clever use of Western classical military element, with slim cut, not peculiar to a uniform to give people the feeling of tough, but dignified atmosphere of the school.
In addition, the clothes in the color selection is not the army green or bright colors, but President Xi Jinping and coat color to take possession of the blue, calm and reserved. Xie Ping said, short boots worn by Peng Liyuan and ankle, tie and dress uniform style also echoed, "the overall impression is not correct in the valiant and heroic in bearing."
Media evaluation
Singapore Singapore United Morning Post "" in March 21st entitled "Peng Liyuan: the new name" China's article said, Peng Liyuan has qualified for a new era of China's first lady strength. In 30 years of career, Peng Liyuan has seen countless scenes, rely on their own strength to conquer the numerous spectators. Because of this, the first lady Peng Liyuan's trip has not yet been opened, has caused much anticipated.
"New York Times" had a special description of Peng Liyuan's article says, she is the image of good, enjoys a high reputation in china. The article said, 20 years, Peng Liyuan has been in the Spring Festival evening attire appearance, singing patriotic songs. Now, Peng Liyuan is committed to public welfare undertakings, such as sympathy to the survivors of the Wenchuan earthquake.
Peng Liyuan's evaluation of the United States "the Atlantic issue" is also full of praise, the article said "Peng Liyuan has all the characteristics of a first lady: used to public attention, there is an amiable and easy of approach of the beautiful, have reputation......"
India "Degan Herald" equally certain that, as the famous artist Peng Liyuan, will be held in Durban the BRICs meeting to add color and charm.

"Liyuan-wind" or "Liyuan-style" really let people all over the world at present a bright, greatly changed the international community view China diplomacy that cold, or overbearing the strong side. China as a big country need overbearing, needs a strong, but China is not without blood no meat, especially our leader's visit, he needs to have a little bit of human, and the human in the contemporary diplomatic activities is mainly reflected in two aspects.
From the beginning of March 23, 2013, the number of customers in the store, is usually two times or more. Peng Liyuan day wear and carry the bag is not only good, but also very much in line with her own temperament. "Now many young people are obsessed with foreign brands, domestic brands to visit Peng Liyuan in, will no doubt in the world greatly boost China's domestic brand awareness, let Wuhan local clothing brand is also more confident."
As the Chinese President Xi Jinping's wife Peng Liyuan, also made a practical contribution in their own field of public health concern. In October 13, 2009, Peng Liyuan was employed as China Tobacco Control Association, "tobacco control ambassador". At the same time, Peng Liyuan also served as a "publicity ambassador for the national tuberculosis control". Peng Liyuan and the children orphaned by AIDS become attached to, there have been several years. In 2011 June, Peng Liyuan has served as who goodwill ambassador against tuberculosis and aids.

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