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Nano structure

Author: YaPeng international Co., Ltd Date: 2013-3-23 Views: 2795 times

Nano structure is based on the matter element nanometer scale to a new system of basic according to certain rules constructed. It includes nanometer array system, mesoporous assembly system, film mosaic system. Study on nanometer array system focused on by metal nanoparticles or semiconductor nanoparticles on a substrate of an insulating neatly on two bit system formed by the arrangement of the. The nanoparticles and mesoporous assembly system because of the characteristics of the particles themselves, and the substrate coupling and interface of some new effects, make it become the research hot spot, in accordance with the support body can be divided into inorganic mesoporous composite and polymer mesoporous composite two categories, according to support the state can be divided into ordered mesoporous complex and disordered mesoporous composite. In the film the mosaic system, main research on nanoparticle film is on electrical properties and magnetic properties of the system based on. Scientists in the United States by self-assembly technology will be hundreds of single wall carbon nanotube crystal cable "Ropes", such a metal properties, room temperature resistivity of less than 0.0001 Ω \/m; nano three lead iodide assembled to nylon -11, with photoconductivity of the X ray, use this property for the development of digital X-ray photographic laid the foundation

Technical indicators

Nanometer alumina appearance: white powder.

Nanometer alumina crystal of γ phase

The average particle size of nanometer alumina (nm) 20 ± 5

Nanometer alumina content greater than 99.9%.

Melting point: 2010 ℃ -2050 ℃

Boiling point: 2980 ℃

Relative density: 3.97-4.0

Nano structure

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