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The discovery and development of nanotechnology.

Author: YaPeng international Co., Ltd Date: 2013-3-18 Views: 2776 times

In 1861, with the establishment of colloid chemistry, scientists began to study the work of diameter of 1~100nm particle system.

Real study nanoparticles consciousness can be traced back to the nineteen thirties Japan carried out in order to military needs " heavy smoke test ", but by the time the test levels and conditions, although by vacuum evaporation method became the first world superfine powder, but the light absorption properties is not stable.

In the nineteen sixties people started the research of discrete nanoparticles. In 1963, with a metal nanoparticle gas evaporation condensation method of Uyeda, and has carried on the research of electron microscopy and electron diffraction. In 1984 Germany Saarland University ( Saarland University ) nanometer powders of Gleiter and Siegal USA Argonne lab have been successfully prepared pure substances. Gleiter particles in a high vacuum condition diameter of iron particles in situ 6nm pressure forming, sintering is nanocrystalline block, which makes the research of nanometer materials have entered a new stage.

1990 July held the first session of the international nano technology conference in the United States ( International Conference on Nanoscience&Technology ), formally announced the nanometer material science is a new branch of material science.

Since the advent of nineteen seventies nanoparticles, from the study of the connotation and characteristics can be roughly divided into three stages:

The first stage ( before 1990): mainly to explore the nanometer particle powder or synthetic block fabrication of various materials with various methods in laboratory, evaluation of the characterization method, to explore the special properties of nanometer material is different from the ordinary materials; research objects are confined to a single material and single-phase material, usually the international this material called for the nanocrystalline or nanophase materials.

The second stage ( 1990~1994 years ): the focus of attention of the people is the physical and chemical characteristics of how to use nanomaterials have been excavated, design of nanocomposites, synthesis and properties of composite materials has become a dominant direction of nano materials.

The third stage ( since 1994): nano assembly system, manual assembly synthesis of nanostructured materials system is become a new hotspot in the research of nanometer materials. The international such materials are called assembly materials system or nanometer scale to nanometer pattern material. Its basic connotation is to nanoparticles and their composition of the nano wires, tubes as the basic unit in 1D, 2D and 3D space assembly arranged with nano structure system.

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