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Leather maintenance

Author: YaPeng international Co., Ltd Date: 2013-3-15 Views: 3219 times

( 1 ) season will be the bag. In the first clean the leather bag storage, and to put it into a clean paper or soft cotton, to keep the shape of the bag. And then the bag into the soft cotton bag collection in the closet, and should avoid improper extrusion deformation.

( 2 ) containing leather closet must maintain good ventilation. For example, a shutter door cabinet is better, but the cupboard is best not to put too many items.

( 3 ) the leather itself natural oils with the passage of time or use too many times and gradually reduced, so even a senior leather also need regular maintenance.

( 4 ) if the suede products contaminated, can directly use the eraser, and maintenance in a soft bristle brush down hair brush flat direction.

( 5 ) nursing daily simple, can make leather more durable. If leather wet, should first with dry cloth to absorb moisture, and then placed in a cool place, let the leather dry naturally. Do not put in the sun exposure, next to the air conditioner or use hair dryer cylinder, otherwise it will burst phenomenon. Regular use of leather detergent on the surface, should first apply to dry cloth. To wash or contact chemical solvents should not. Storage bag, can add a little damp sheet.

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